Shungudzo isn't putting up with the bullshit anymore.


Shungudzo’s music is resolute and catchy.


Emerging Artist to Watch in 2021

Completely unique and individual.

Zane Lowe

Shungudzo is quickly establishing herself as a singular and special voice of her generation.

Atwood Magazine

Shungudzo makes flipping off the white supremacist patriarchy feel as refreshing as daily moisturizer.


I wanna be your sugar and your daddy. ...

No more denying ourselves the pleasure of being alive. Be it the songs of the birds in the trees or the first droplet of rain that falls upon your nose. Be it a smile for a reason or a cry for a reason. Be it a day in which everything falls into place, or a day in which it all seems to fall out of place. There’s always something to enjoy, because we’re alive, and perhaps part of our human journey is to learn how not to sabotage our existence with feelings of being unworthy of the miracle of life and the exhilaration of fully experiencing it. 💛 ...

You’ve just gotta
Get in-
Side ya
Mind and
Find the
That ain’t
Kind and
Tell ‘em
Thing is
Be alright

LA friends — there’s been a time change for tomorrow’s show (10/5) with @chiiild at @moroccanlounge! I’m equally excited and nervous to see you because nothing feels weirder than a bunch of people you know watching you do something. At the same time, nothing feels safer and warmer. I can’t wait to have a moment and make a memory together. Wednesday’s show will carry on at its original sinful hour. 💛 ...

Making art is one of the greatest joys of my life. Sharing it with you is one of the greatest honors. And starting on Monday, I’m sure I’ll be able to put beautiful words to what it’s like to sing my songs in a room with you! Through it all, I want you to know that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and pretty much nobody does. But what a sad and colorless world it would be — void of art, and love and even our very existence — if we weren’t willing to dive headfirst into things we don’t understand, and figure them out as we go. I love that most answers come with new questions. Constantly not knowing, and therefore being constantly curious and hungry for growth. This is a clip of the “I’m not a mother, but I have children” video. It’s about infinite rebirth, which one might do in a single lifetime or perhaps even in many.
Director: me
Edited by: me
Additional editing (intro): @oprahtheactress
Set and costume design by: me
Shot in my bathtub by: @oprahtheactress
Shot in @marcszafran’s swimming pool by @carlocorbellini
Produced by: me (tub scenes, pools scenes) and @carlocorbellini (pool scenes)
Special thanks to @kk.rylend

It’s only a matter of days before we get to see each other! Come feed your soul, and so that your smile can help me through the nerves of my first proper solo shows ever opening for @chiiild! I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll never know what I’m doing. But fuck it, let’s do it! Link to tix in my bio. ...

I musta woke up in a dream
I musta smoked amp****mines
Tell me this ain’t reality
Maybe my car flew off a bridge
Doctor, I need a better drip
Tell me that this is all a glitch
In the sys —
In the system
Thinking about the state of the world with your mind is one thing. You can don your evil thinking cap and, without agreeing with it, logically draw a line from one atrocity to another. But thinking about the state of the world with your heart is another thing entirely. The more I think with my heart, the less sense everything makes. That’s what “Trippin’” — track 4 on my debut album, “I’m not a mother, but I have children,” (out now!) is about. I find it nearly impossible to understand how things like war, discrimination, climate change, homelessness, injustice and inequity exist. I find it nearly impossible to understand how governments have, and employ, so many mechanisms to harm their own people. I find it painfully, confusingly, difficult to understand how we, the people, don’t collectively understand how interconnected all life is, and what a crucial role each of us plays in saving it. We must be trippin’.
It feels like a daunting task, but I truly believe that global change begins with examining ourselves, our relationships, and our individual positive, negative and harmfully neutral impacts on our our own and our communities’ existence. It’s okay to have been wrong, which often means to have been taught wrong, so long as we’re willing to acknowledge and grow from it. Change is realistically within all of our reaches, but perhaps the most confusing thing of all is how resistant we’ve been programmed to be to it. Passively resistant, passionately resistant, fearfully resistant, violently resistant, and those with an especially large amount of untapped power and potential to change the world for the better: the comfortably resistant for whom the system was built to work. We need your help!

“Trippin’” written by: me
Produced by: @twofreshbeats, @iantmhlanga (🇿🇼) & myself
Mixed by: @michaelfreeman12
🎥: @oprahtheactress (full video coming soon!)

First song written in my new home! @raazalgul on guitar ...

It ain’t you who ever needs to harden up. It’s the world that needs to get soft. Here’s your hopeful song of the day! Lots to do to finish this one, if I finish this one, but I hope that even in its roughest state, it brings some comfort to the softness in you. Also, I’m really enjoying sharing unfinished music here — it’s so liberating! ...

I’ve been writing a lot of songs of hope lately — mostly as meditations for myself — and figured I’d continue to share some of the rough ideas here in case you’re in need of some hope in this exact moment too. Here is today’s song. In case you’ve forgotten, you are deserving of love! Starting with love from yourself and emanating outwards into beautiful, shared love with others. 💛
I don’t know if I’ll release these songs, but if you wanna hear some of the songs I have released recently, check out “I’m not a mother, but I have children” — the album. 💛