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I’m not a mother, but I have children



White parents.
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📷 : @oprahtheactress

Smile at strangers
Know your neighbors
Tell people you love them
Tell yourself you love yourself
Get really good at somethin’
Raise a houseplant
Name your houseplant
When birds sing, just listen
Learn how to forgive yourself
Get really good at livin’
📸: @oprahtheactress

Please, can we learn to care for each other as living, rather than as dying, beings? ...

For the longest time, I’ve envisioned making a video in which I repeatedly get slapped in the face to represent how external stressors and oppressors — including digital ones — impact our internal selves. The “There’s only so much a soul can take” video is out now! Thank you to the wonderful team of people who made my visual dream come true, and turned it into something even more than I could have imagined alone:
Shot and directed by @DPMikeyT
Produced by @thebenhoward
Edited by @ellenschwa
1st AC: @kristi.Hoi
Gaffer: @anaistheeditor
Slapper: @oprahtheactress
Premiere: @floodmagazine
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If you can’t buy it, make it. If you can’t make it, stop doubting yourself and make it anyway. So long as you like it, it’s good art. 💛 ...

The “To be me” video is out now! (Link in bio.) Thank you, from the infinite depths of my heart, to everyone who has listened to and reached out about “To be me.” I’ve never connected so deeply with people over a song. Now, more than ever, I feel the power of our togetherness, and a certainty that the future will be brighter — and safer — because of it. 💛
Story by Shungudzo
Directed by @g.smithofficial, Shungudzo
Filmed by G.Smith
Edited by G.Smith, Shungudzo
Produced by G.Smith, Shungudzo
Special thanks to my visual soul sister G.Smith. To @paper & @justintmoran for premiering our work. To @bilgerorama & @oprahtheactress for acting out-of-character to help me tell this vulnerable story. And to @leftoversnacks for his helping hand on set.