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I’m not a mother, but I have children



This is the artwork for my new song, “White parents,” shot with one of my phenomenal managers, @oprahtheactress. Check in tomorrow for the early premiere on @consequence and Friday for the worldwide drop. 💛 ...

White parents.
This week!
📷 : @oprahtheactress

Smile at strangers
Know your neighbors
Tell people you love them
Tell yourself you love yourself
Get really good at somethin’
Raise a houseplant
Name your houseplant
When birds sing, just listen
Learn how to forgive yourself
Get really good at livin’
📸: @oprahtheactress

Please, can we learn to care for each other as living, rather than as dying, beings? ...

For the longest time, I’ve envisioned making a video in which I repeatedly get slapped in the face to represent how external stressors and oppressors — including digital ones — impact our internal selves. The “There’s only so much a soul can take” video is out now! Thank you to the wonderful team of people who made my visual dream come true, and turned it into something even more than I could have imagined alone:
Shot and directed by @DPMikeyT
Produced by @thebenhoward
Edited by @ellenschwa
1st AC: @kristi.Hoi
Gaffer: @anaistheeditor
Slapper: @oprahtheactress
Premiere: @floodmagazine
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