Shungudzo isn't putting up with the bullshit anymore.


Shungudzo’s music is resolute and catchy.


Emerging Artist to Watch in 2021

Completely unique and individual.

Zane Lowe

Shungudzo is quickly establishing herself as a singular and special voice of her generation.

Atwood Magazine

Shungudzo makes flipping off the white supremacist patriarchy feel as refreshing as daily moisturizer.


LA friends — there’s been a time change for tomorrow’s show (10/5) with @chiiild at @moroccanlounge! I’m equally excited and nervous to see you because nothing feels weirder than a bunch of people you know watching you do something. At the same time, nothing feels safer and warmer. I can’t wait to have a moment and make a memory together. Wednesday’s show will carry on at its original sinful hour. 💛 ...

It’s only a matter of days before we get to see each other! Come feed your soul, and so that your smile can help me through the nerves of my first proper solo shows ever opening for @chiiild! I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll never know what I’m doing. But fuck it, let’s do it! Link to tix in my bio. ...

Going on tour with my soul siblings! See you so soon! Tickets available everywhere on Friday, at 10 a.m. local time. Catch me opening for the incomparable @chiiild & friends🧚🏽 ...

Had the loveliest chat about life and mathematics and happiness and also songwriting with @nilerodgers on #DeepHiddenMeaningRadio. Check it out now on @applemusic, where you’ll also get to hear from @stargatemusic and @jacksavoretti. 💛 ...

Watch me be a human sandwich in the “Already free” visual — out now! This song and video have many personal meanings to me, but I hope — irregardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what internal or external barriers you face in life — it inspires you to believe in your potential to be all of the beautiful things you want to be, and let NOBODY, including your own fears, tell you you can’t.
“Already free” is the only song on my debut album, “I’m not a mother, but I have children,” that I didn’t write the lyrics and melodies totally alone on. When I got stuck, I knew exactly who to call. Thank you to my brilliant, alien brother @johntheblind for coming through for this song and album (he also co-produced “Good thing I’m not god” with me), for being down to have the layered conversations it took in order to do so, and for always showing up with an immeasurably open and loving heart.
Song written by: me & @johntheblind
Song produced by: me & @johntheblind
Song mixed by: @michaelfreeman12
Special thanks to my Zimbabwean sis @tkaymaidza for adding her phenomenal voice and spirit to the backgrounds
Visual directed by: me & @oprahtheactress
Visual shot and edited by: @oprahtheactress
Another special thanks to Joe Maginni at @hipgnosisstudios for being such a wonderful advocate for this song, and for my music in general.

Woke up to this dream come true on @billboardcharts! Thank you to everyone who is giving “It’s a good day (to fight the system)” life on their stations. And to everyone who supports their local Triple A station and keeps this beautiful way of discovering new music alive. Lastly, to my team, whose belief in my music makes me feel so safe and so strong — I wish I could hug all of you. The days may change, but this dream come true will remain a dream come true forever. 💛 ...

I thought the Pledge of Allegiance needed a few hand and word edits for accuracy, and of course @fullfrontalsamb was down to air it! You can check out the full performance of “There’s only so much a soul can take” on YouTube now!
A heart full of thanks to @shawnbutton for hosting this performance in his magical home (my dream home), to @whateverlane for directing, to @taylorwerfelmann for filming, to @viviramabass, @sariahmae and @adamtressler for adding new and beautiful, live dimensions to this song (and for being down to wear my clothes), to @mattdyson and @karlwingate for their audio expertise, to @yazzalali for the lovely photo you see at the start, to @oprahtheacress for his brilliant creative partnership and support (this moment wouldn’t have happened without him), and @nickiloranger for being THE flagpole of my musical life, both literally and…literally. 😉 Love to @thenewbmg, @iamyoungforever and @shorefire for their remarkable internal goodness and external hustle.

My first TV performance airs tomorrow night, and I couldn’t be more honored for it to be on the first late-night satire show hosted by a woman! Thank you to @fullfrontalsamb for the invite, and to my phenomenal band — @viviramabass, @sariahmae and @adamtressler — for being part of this dream come true. Watch us on @tbsnetwork tomorrow (June 9th) at 10:30/9c 💛 ...